For the savy, sexy man on the go. Anal relaxation formula men, women and couples can enjoy more pleasurable backdoor penetration with EASE, a fast acting anal desensitizing formula that amplifies pleasure while promoting relaxation. Ideal for beginners but suited for all experience levels, a tiny dollop will make dabbling in a new realm of pleasure even more enticing. Package includes a two pack of mini tubes to meet all discreet travel needs. 5% lidocaine formula is safe for use with non-latex condoms. <br /><br />EASE is sold in a display, and is designed to fit within the pull out drawers of the Gentlemen's Collection. Features amplifies pleasure for anal adventures. Promotes relaxation and comfort before anal intercourse. For use with non-latex condoms. Fast acting, mess free formula. Discreet, travel friendly tubes. Contains 5% lidocaine. Each box contains two 10ml tubes (20ml total) e or approximately .33 fluid ounce each tube. Package dimensions 4.375 inches by 4 inches by 1.5 inches.

Weight 0.30000 lbs
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