Made by Stainless Steel, Its Prevent a complete erection with the super secure Bird Cage Chastity Device! Experience the pleasure of anticipation and the power play of chastity by keeping him locked up until you decide he should be free. This high-quality chastity device allows you to have complete control over the sexual freedom of your partner! Tease and please him, but ensure that he cannot become fully erect. Simply place the ring section behind the testicles and then insert the penis into the cage. Fit the two pieces together and close them with the included small padlock. Cage-style body allows for easy cleaning and urination.<br />Specification: -Inside diameter of the tube is 36 mm.<br />-The length of the steel cage is 100 mm.<br />-Cock ring is 45mm Inside diameter

Weight 0.00250 lbs
Bird Cage Chastity Device