Productnumber: 50009<br /><br />Bona Dea dares you to discover the fundamentals of nature, manufactured to help you lose all restraint. This vibrating bead chain challenges you with three strong bullets. The Bona Dea will expand all your erotic boundaries.<br /><br />Characteristic design to pleasure him and her. -Vibrating tail for clitoral stimulation. -Newly developed ultra sonic motors, with a 40-minute running time each. Powered by strong, quiet, replaceable vibrating bullets. Splash-proof to add a new buzz to shower-time! * Experience incredible sensations with this toy from Touché * The Bona Dea challenge you with these newly developed ultra sonic motors * 3 powerful vibrating bullets * Waterproof and silent * Phthalate Free and Body Safe

Weight 0.44312 lbs
Bona Dea – Pink