This butt plug is made of silky soft silicone and is tapered at the tip for an easy and comfortable insertion. The base of the plug doubles up as a handy suction cup for some handsfree fun or a safety base to keep it safely in place. * Small Plug:<br />Length: 5.4 cm<br />Diameter: 2.4 cm<br />Insertable length: 5.2 cm <br />Weight: 19 gr<br /><br />Medium Plug:<br />Length: 6.8 cm<br />Diameter: 3.2 cm<br />Insertable length: 6.6 cm<br />Weight: 37 gr<br /><br />Large Plug:<br />Length: 8.5 cm<br />Diameter: 4 cm<br />Insertable length: 8.3 cm<br />Weight: 73 gr * The set contains 3 different sized plugs. * The tapered tip provides an easy and comfortable insertion * The base of the plug has a suction cup which offers you some handsfree fun. * The base also works as a safety base to keep the plug safely in place. * Made of silky soft silicone

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Diamond Shape Butt Plug Set &#...