The Fist It Anal Douche does what it says on the tin. The mixture of water and air pressure will take care of a thorough anal clean, making you good to go! Specifications material Thermoplastic Rubber TPR. Maximum volume 300ml e or approximately 10.14 fluid ounces.  Body safe. Mainly used for anal or vaginal, no matter before anal intercourse or for vaginal use. The anal douche is a first class accessory for anyone who likes anal games! Flushing pipes with 8 holes, water comes faster, 360 degree wash. Impeccable hygiene is essential to make anal intercourse a safe, safe sexual practice. The tube and containers are separable for easy handling and storage. With its 10.14 fluid ounces, the capacity is quite big and it can easily be named the X-Large. One of the many beautiful in high quality products from Fist It by Shots.

Weight 0.61062 lbs
Fist It Anal Douche Black