MIMIC® + PLUS delivers the deep, rumbly sensations you desire. Contoured to fit easily and comfortably into the palm of your hand, MIMIC® + PLUS extends dynamic and powerful vibrations to any part that begs for it without getting in your way. The body of MIMIC® + PLUS provides a resonating motor that maintains its intensity even when pressure is applied. With its precision tip and generous wings, you can achieve targeted pleasure or a teasing wave of reverberation. Easily navigate pleasure in the dark with the LED Beacon that also serves as a charging indicator, so you`ll never lose the moment. The versatility of MIMIC® + PLUS is up to you how will you share your deepest secret?8 Vibration Patterns – keep things interesting6 Levels of Intensity – an enticing ascensionBody Safe Silicone – for your most sensitive parts100% Waterproof – enjoy anywhereTravel Lock – make your journey memorable50% Dimmer LED Beacon – for when the lights go downDiscreet Vibrations – a secret worth keepingUpdated Magnetic Charge Port – increase the attraction2 Hours of Intense Vibrations from a Single Charge – charge time = 120 minutesImproved Button Haptics – a truly luxurious experience

Weight 0.73000 lbs
Mimic Plus Massager Stealth Gr...