The 3 interchangeable sections of the ÂMultiple Choice" masturbator can be reordened from top to bottom to maximise your stimulation. Ass first? Or do you fancy some pussy today? The choice is yours. Open the cap and dispense a few drops of lubricant inside the toy for best result. The buttons on the toy are to increase stimulation or vacuum in certain sections of the toy, just press the buttons to increase the sensation in that area. After use remove the sleeves and turn them inside out. Then wash them with soap and water and let it dry, after letting it completely dry insert the sleeves and store it at room temperature. * Specifications:<br />- Product Height: 16,5cm<br />- Product Circumference: 25,7 cm<br />- Material: TPE and ABS * Easy To Clean * Unique Textures * Stimulation Control * Modulair Sections * Phathalate Free

Weight 1.29438 lbs
Multiple Choice Masturbator